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Go the Download section and download the file

Extract the file and you would find three components

  • – Managed Solution
  • – Managed solution containing the ribbon customizations for the export functionality
  • Dashboard Exporter Cleanup utility – Executable to clean up the DashboardExporter solution components from the CRM system.


First install the solution Once installed successfully, import the solution

Once these solutions are imported successfully, refresh your CRM and you would see the Ribbon button ‘Export Dashboard Charts’ ribbon button as shown in the screenshot below. This ribbon button would only come for the Dashboard view.


Click on the ‘Export Dashboard Charts’ ribbon button.


Once clicked, new pop-up window would show up which would display all the charts in that Dashboard. Please check for the screenshot below.



Clicking on each of the Dashboard charts would download the charts as image files.



Please note that this tool works for  Chrome and Firefox (these are the ones I have tested in) but not in IE. Unfortunately IE does not support HTML5 download attribute which this tool utilizes to download the charts as image files.

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Don’t like this tool? Wondering how to remove it. OK its as simple as installing. Please follow the steps below in the order specified.

  • Uninstall the managed solution – DashboardChartExporter
  • Once the managed solution in uninstalled successfully, open the Dashboard Exporter Clean up utility folder.
  • Open the file – DeleteDashboardExporterSolution.exe.config and modify the connection settings to connect to your organization. Please note that the credentials you supply here should be of a System Administrator or a System Customizer.


  • Once done save the file and click on the DeleteDashboardExporterSolution.exe file. This will remove the unmanaged solution components from your CRM system.


Hope you like it.

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